演讲 & 辩论

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演讲及辩论 builds lifelong skills that students will employ during their time at 聚, 在大学, 以及后来的职业生涯. 聚 演讲及辩论 alumni have gone onto exciting careers in law 和 politics, 艺术及娱乐, 商业和经济. Communicating effectively (和 without the use of technology) will serve them in so many facets of life.

  • 构建 自信领导能力,促进团队建设和 协作技能,并训练学生 为自己和他人辩护
  • 用磨刀石磨 沟通技巧 like articulation, vocal projection, posture, 和 presence
  • 加强 组织技能 like notetaking, argument construction, case building, 和 persuasive writing
  • 提高 批判性思维 by analyzing new articles 和 academic research, 研究散文, 诗歌, 以及公开演讲, 和 looking at important issues from different viewpoints
演讲 & 辩论2022 - 23
演讲 & 学术成分

Introductory 演讲及辩论 classes teach fundamentals 和 host in-class simulations. 高级演讲和辩论班, 相比之下, are guided by individual student goals in their respective competition events, 和 provide an opportunity for varsity students to research 和 prepare for competition. 上学校 演讲及辩论 classes fulfill the arts 和 public speaking graduation requirement.


Students compete in multiple events in both local 和 国家 tournaments. On the local level, 保利预科 participates in 十大网堵平台-皇后区天主教法医联盟 (BQCFL)和 纽约州法医联盟 (NYSFL). On the 国家 level, 聚 participates in the 国家演讲 & 辩论协会 (NSDA)和 冠军赛 (TOC).

The team travels to tournaments all over the country, 包括哈佛大学, 普林斯顿大学, 宾夕法尼亚大学, 艾莫利大学, 和耶鲁大学. Interscholastic competition provides students the opportunity to see fellow competitors’ work 和 receive critical feedback from judges. Students earn NSDA points at tournaments 和 soon become members of the NSDA荣誉协会.

演讲 & 2023年的辩论
演讲 & 2023年的辩论

Students on the 聚 speech team prepare 10-minute memorized speeches 和 performances that they perfect over the course of the competition season. 演讲 offers a variety of events—from persuasive speeches to dramatic performances—和 gives students a platform to showcase original work 和 selected material in support of their message. 学生们磨练演技, building characters through vocal expression, 身体, 和 blocking; 和 develop their persuasive speaking skills through vocal inflection, 语气, 和运动. 从幽默到戏剧, 从诗到散文, 和 declamation to original oratory—speech amplifies storytelling, 宣传, 以及动态性能.

  • 朗诵: is an individual event where students perform an excerpt of a speech that has been delivered in public in an original 和 engaging manner. 
  • 引人注目的解释: is an individual event where students perform an excerpt from a play, 小说, 电影, or other published work with an emphasis on dramatic arc 和 character development. 
  • 两人解释: is a partnered event where students perform an excerpt of a play, 小说, 电影, book or other published work with a focus on the characters’ dynamic 和 relationship. 
  • 原来的演讲: is an individual event where students research, 写, 和 deliver an original speech on a topic of their choosing with the goal to inform or persuade on a significant issue.
  • 节目口译: is an individual event where students combine multiple genres of literature centered around a single theme or argument. 
  • 散文、诗歌: is an individual event where students perform a selection of 诗歌 or prose with a focus on storytelling 和 narration.

Participation on the 聚 debate team offers students the opportunity to hone their personal 宣传 skills, challenge themselves by being introduced to new ideas 和 arguments, 和 engage with a dynamic 和 diverse community. Students research topics 和 craft arguments for participation at competitions. The main goal is for students to develop their critical-thinking skills 和 to become more equipped 和 confident in defending what they value 和 believe in.

  • 公共论坛: is a partnered event where students debate 2 on 2 about existing or future public policies 和 their practical effects. 
  • 道格拉斯:林肯 is an individual event where students debate 1 on 1 about the ethics, 道德, 和 societal effect of policies through the lens of how they affect diverse identities 和 perspectives.
言语史 & 辩论成功
演讲 & 2023年的辩论
  • The 保利预科 辩论 和 Public Speaking Club was established in 1958. The program was reinvigorated in 2012 as 保利预科 演讲 & 辩论.
  • 2012年起,保利预备演讲 & 辩论迅速取得了成功, 赢得无数州, 国家, 和 Ivy League Championships in Original Oratory, 戏剧性的解释, 公开论坛辩论, 和国会辩论. Over this timeframe the team has won 8 National Championships in 3 distinct debates as well as the 2023 NY State Championship in 公开论坛辩论.
迎接我们的演讲 & 辩论能力
Sohail Jouya
Sohail Jouya,首席辩论教练
学生们在说什么 & 辩论

“Mr. Fitzgerald worked tirelessly with me… As a result of his coaching, 还有他让我接触到的文学作品, I was able to curate cases that talked about issues that I cared about, 比如反黑, the impact enslavement had on the Black community, 和 the obstacles Black women such as myself face in the debate space. Although this year didn’t go without its challenges, I definitely surprised myself with how far I progressed. 明年,我知道我会做得更好.”


“演讲 has helped me grow in so many ways that my 聚 experience wouldn’t be what it is without it. Cait Bliss has been a major support in all of my public speaking endeavors. 她策划过介绍, 帮我克服了所有的障碍, 分享有趣的练习作为准备, 和 overall been a positive influence on my life… I cannot wait to continue my Public speaking studies 在大学 和 beyond. I look forward to applying all of my skills 和 talents from 聚 to my future endeavors.”