Celebrating the importance of the arts.

Through our program, Poly students explore the creative process and develop confidence as they express themselves through visual and performing arts.

Supported by a staff of professional artists, students are inspired to act with imagination, discover their creative voices, and engage deeply with the challenges and joys of the artistic process.

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A vision
for educating
the artist

We feel students with a love for the arts should be provided plenty of opportunities to pursue their talents.

Visual Arts and Performing Arts combine to provide an exciting array of courses — with a commitment to the hands-on, experiential process of art-making — and wide-ranging extracurricular activities, all of which build skills and encourage students to pursue their artistic interests.

Poly Arts


Akili Tommasino ’05

Akili Tommasino ’05 studied art history at Harvard and founded the Prep for Prep/Sotheby’s Art Academy in 2017 “to give high school students of color an earlier window into the art world.”

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Heidi Zarou ’86, P’22, ’22

“In the Lower School art studios, every day is a journey, an exploration into new and exciting territories with our youngest learners where creativity, imagination, and energy abound.”


Will Hochman ’10

“I felt like maybe I could become who I imagined myself to be.”

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MaKiyah Turner-Hicks ’24

“I decided to come to Poly because of its amazing extracurriculars. I’m really interested in theater, visual arts, language, and sports, and Poly offers all of them.”

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Sam Turner

“I remember being told I shouldn’t do ballet, I have the wrong body type, skin tone; my mentors taught me to transform those emotions to propel me forward in my art.”


Alexandra Nava-Baltimore ’20

“Being a student at Poly has allowed me to live what I learned. Poly has been my home, my studio, my classroom, and my inspiration.”

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Sonja Lindberg ’16

“I worked more and harder than I ever had in English classes. After a few weeks, I came to love it.

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Laura B. Coppola ’95

“The best part of teaching at Poly is building communities and relationships with students and seeing their understanding of art and its transformative power grow. I hope my students use their knowledge of culture and art in a way that empowers them and gives voice to issues they really care about.”


Rowan McAllister ’15

“Art was always my favorite class, but I’ve found I use my math and engineering skills almost as much…to really connect all the dots of my education.”

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Poly Conservatory Recital Day 1

May 21, 2024 • 3:40 pm - 5:45 pm

Performances by students of drums, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, and flute.

Poly Conservatory Recital Day 2

May 22, 2024 • 3:40 pm - 5:45 pm

Performances by students of strings and voice.

Poly Conservatory Recital Day 3

May 23, 2024 • 3:40 pm - 5:45 pm

Performances by piano students.